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Still working on group project. This is taking quite a time but I am practicing what I have learned by now through working on it .I think there are differences in the way you approach Animatic when you are working with soft wares. You should set your layers, camera and light and details to see how it will look.
There are also other good reasons to stick to the film. I think I consciously choose the silliest way to do things …the more labor taking the less time I get to think of things happening around me. This you can call Animotrapy. There is a huge mess going around my country and almost every day things get worse and on the other hand I think the course is not going that well. Still can’t believe we have been sitting in the most crowded Place in uni trying to hear a word from Alex talking about Bazin &Krakauer and realism while according to the term schedule we were supposed to have lectures.” The course is finished?”
There is a phrase” the sky is all the same color everywhere” …
The group project seem to be the only organized plan for me this semester and i enjoy palying around with it.I can forcast hard times before the essay deadlines.specially The professional practise ...
This week i should do the animatic for the train piece.keep on reading about Myths and do tests for final film.

done with storyboard

finally done ....the daydream sequence is a bit tricky.
I think things are starting to flow.Much focused on group project this weekend.Trying to layout the scenes and come up with final storyboard.I was shooting trains last week on the way to Cardiff.(going to seriol for placement.)Then we discided to do a raugh edit of the train footage and it did helped alot.Now I have some concepts of how it will look based on these liveaction shots.
Still haven't done Any Thing for the essays.Just an idea about Myths and Animation and why and in what ways animation can be a good medium to visualize myths.This also helps alot if am about to do Zahhak for final film.
There is something different about this semester.The mood,the speed of's been all learning AE and Flash and i should say a week of placement was really a fresh up.Seriol is a cosey freindly company and it feels like you are leaving their house on the last day.