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back again

It’s been a quite a while ….

I had this 10 day holiday, going to my friends in Brighton and 2 days in London on my way back. I enjoyed the stormy days by the seaside in Brighton; the place which I had always in my list of Must Go since I saw Quadrophenia .Wondering around was what I really needed. Walking in the streets and taking pictures. You give some fresh air to the head.
And now back again…. I am so curious about Cel Action software. I hope there be a chance that they buy it For University cause as far as I have seen it is becoming widely used by companies. I am also searching for companies that I might go for placement. I am more focused on Bristol. I am planning to practice more AE and also work on ideas for group work and final film project which we should propose by the end of this semester.

By the way,surfing through the film archive of the library I came up with two interesting series:Cinema 16 which is a collections of short films …

Off Peak

The rush period is getting over.I am going be away for awhile.Urgent need for a break and I am also turning 31.
I saw Flushed Away today.The whole idea of turning the puppet charachters in to CG seems a bit awkward to me. they have tried their best to re create even the texture of the clay models but once you start thinking why should try this hard when the clay models work well ,there come economical reasons.Actually I don't think the process of making the puppet in CG is more money and time freindly.I think it is the new look that sells and this time why not try this one...after all,the film still has its british touch and many fun moments.

count down

Alright…. I can say I am done with Tax. Done for Now. The background and the timings should be corrected.But I had to stop it to stick to other works. For the Splash Drip I am trying to do this Bloomfield Story. I am using the hand drawn walk cycle and for the balls AE. The walk cycle took some time because I want the guy to walk in a tired way and this needs to be done in more frames and more characterization in his movements. I am not sure it really works. I have just started to work on bibles. The mundane subject is about the daydreams of a woman while washing the dishes of last night’s party in their house. I might use Bloomfield for the one that is free choice and Zahhak for the fairy tale. But I need more research for it.

I don’t want to go nagging about deadlines and that they are so close to each other.Deadlines are not good in any sense. No Matter when they are. You should try to keep up with them. That’s the rule of the game. I some times think there is no problem with them. …