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Don't be Light

NJoy The Work

14 days left from the holidays, or better say-since this does not feel like holiday at all!-14 days left to Dead Lines. Last 5 days were really disappointment. You can’t imagine how a human being can be so incapable in working with soft wares. Maybe the problem is I am learning and using AE at the same time and it really slows you down. Anyway now I feel-just feel, no actual fact exists- things are getting smoother. I gave up going to London. I knew I couldn’t enjoy it with these projects buzzing in my head all the time. I am more focused on taxonomy. I want to get the most of it done until 2 January that I am returning this monitor to Stan. Then I am going to stick to the rest, bibles and Splash ding dung. When you are such a slow person you gradually give up making work schedule. I can also think of extending the deadlines. Too old to care for Marks I suppose.
Still the same empty flat, loud music and quite fun! I had too lonely Funk Nights,a tribute to James Brown who died on Chrism…
I like this character,not only it resembles a close freind.
Having wiritten words as texture looks good.

I am having a great time. It began right from the day we handed in the essay. It was such a relief. Anyway, I went shooting some scenes from these beautiful spots around here. The result is a 2 minute video clip which might end up to this video diary, the vague idea in my head. Here I should announce Stan as man of the month! He is really e great help. He gave me this monitor that I can use in my room and help a lot dealing with After Effects. My own laptop has this tiny screen and the A5 pen tablet just arrived today. Fully equipped for taxonomy think I should consider those previous sequences as tests and start all over again. It might take some time but that’s o.k. have done this first draft story board for Splash,Boing,..,which the same story of this man with two balls bouncing behind him. Blombfeld we can name him!

No one is in the flat but me. When I was telling people last wee…

snack and drinks

So...finally the whole essay and presentation is done and the lunch time drink was great.We all need to get together some times.I enjoyed the evening ,and on the other hand I should say I learned a lot from Animated Documentary essay and now it's christmass time.We have got lots of things to do

Essay Time

I am mostly working on the essay.The best part of doing the essay is watching the films related to this subject of animated documentaries .These are some links for those who like to see some early works of animation.Winsor Mc Cay and Len Lye andSvankmajer.

For now ,I am not really sure if I have really done a primal research.All I have done is reading some articles ,watching some films and some very vague conclusions in my mind .

Len Lye:
Winsor McCay:


"Suddenly,as if in a flash,we see the dog,the coach and the house for the first time.Shortly afterwards habit erases again this potent image.We pet the dog,we call the coach,we live in the house.We do not see them anymore."-Jean Cocteau
Only two teaching weeks left from the first semester. Time passes in quite a strange way.
I finally convinced myself with the fact that I should forget about some leisures of life and stick really to work. I am staying here during Christmas but I still don’t know if it is
Possible to use studios during holidays.

I enjoyed the Friday afternoon session about animated bodies. The way that industrialization of animation changed the treatment with the body. The blues sequence in Betty Boob short was nice. I feel much closer to that pre Disney era I guess.

I spent a long time on masking and cleaning Earrings for taxonomy and I am excited about this Bird character (actually Bird-Scissors character.)I hope I find out how to animate it like a cut out character in AfterEffects. I should ask Stan.

There comes a time that you should say stop to research faze of an essay. Because every subject can lead to another interesting subject and you need to control it. I still need to find some of the films men…